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You may or may not consider what I do a form of art, and I’m okay with that.

Scott Rouche, however, is a Picasso with the written word. The view he offers may be slightly skewed occasionally from what you consider reality, but heck if it isn’t beautiful.

It was once said of his Ginnie Dare character that she is for “girls who want a strong, relatable, likable heroine who can have adventures without needing to be rescued by the men around her”. You can see that review at:

That excellent writing is why I’m supporting him and his work at: (consider this your invitation to follow suite).

Now, if you like my writings, podcasts or generally odd offerings. you can support your friendly neighborhood Colonel at

I use the CrowdRising platform to raise funds to support my writing and podcasting endeavors. What I appreciate the most about it is how it can also benefit those who are supporting my work.

If you are interested in supporting me, or are an artist in your own right in search of patrons, I suggest taking a look at to see how you, too, can raise funds for your projects.

Oh, and when you send Scott a few bucks, be sure and tell him the Colonel sent you.

He and I would both appreciate it!

Colonel Jack

Advertising Your Business on a MicroBudget

Whether you own a restaurant, hair salon, online store or are a direct marketer, there is one thing you need:  TRAFFIC

Whether you’ve tried billboards, coupon books or Facebook, you’ve learned there are pros and cons to any advertising.

Pro: Billboards are effective, as they plant they idea of your business into your customers reality over a period of time as they pass your sign daily. 

Con: While the price is set regardless of the number those who view it, that price can be steep. 

Pro: Coupon books can be effective at bringing folks in who may not have considered shopping with you before. 

Cons: the price can be a bit prohibitive for those on a small budget. 

Pro: Facebook Ads can be extremely effective in getting to your targeted market, and only charged for click through traffic. 

Cons: Charges can add up quickly. 

Now, if you’ve been frustrated by some of the cons, or if you are on such a MicroBudget that you haven’t been able to try them, Royaltie has developed an alternative that combines the pros of billboards, coupon books and Facebook ads into the tiny Gem. 

To learn about The Gen Proximity Marketing Technology, click here!

Using the Gem, you can advertise to Android phones within 100 yards of the Gem. 


To learn about The Gen Proximity Marketing Technology, click here!

Pros: Low cost, flat rate advertising to thousands of android users. (This option becomes free by referring 3 other businesses). No extra charge per view, targets local customers and customers who might have not considered shopping with you before. 

3 Gems that can be left on sight, or taken with you on your keychain. 

Cons: Android uses need to have their Bluetooth on, and check their updates while in range to see the link. (Actually, this is a pro, as it prevents customers from considering notifications as  SPAM.)

To order your three Gems today, click here! 
Also, you can increase your revenue and advertising budget by referring others with Royaltie’s FREE affiliate program. Click here, then choose Affiliate Program to learn more!

My Story Rebooted

For you guys that know me, it will come as no surprise that I love to write and perform, and I’ve done both for quite a while. 

The challenge I have run into time and again is “REAL LIFE” has this funny habit of getting in the way. When I should be writing, I often find myself stuck at one of my jobs (trying to pay the bills) rather than doing what I was MADE to do- write and perform. 

You may know that one way I attempted to solve a portion of my dilemma was by going to work for Chattanooga Ghost Tours, which I absolutely adore.  I get to give a history of the hauntings of my home town, and even conduct ghost hunts at Citizens Cemetery for those adults looking for a bit more creepy experience. 

As much as I love this, the “day gig” gets in the way. After working all day, I may not always have the energy level I want to offer during these nightly tours. 

That’s when I decided to look into leveraging my efforts. The only problem was, I had no CLUE how to do it. I had offered my writing work online for free for years, but my attempts at monetizing were utter failures.  I just didn’t have the needed expertise to make it work. 

What I learned, however, is that when you are hungry and looking, opportunity tends to have a way of presenting itself. 
For me, the opportunity showed up in the form of my incredible optimistic Facebook friend. 

I kept seeing motivational quotes, “family time” pics, and even vacation videos from the beach- WAY TOO OFTEN. Who can afford to spend so much TIME with their family?!

Finally the curiosity was too much, so I reached out and asked the question, “What are you doing differently?  Can you teach me, Obi Wan?”

Just for the record, I was closer than I suspected. As it turns out, my buddy is a Jedi Master of online marketing. With the secrets I am now learning, I will soon be frustrating those who are watching me succeed. The cool part is, I’m not doing anything different than I ever have, except that I’m now doing it “with intention”.

I am learning that life doesn’t happen TO US, it happens FOR US. 

Life has gone from being a series of frustrating events, to a series of adventures I get to share with those I love. 

This Patawan Learner is having the time of his life!