Support the Arts

You may or may not consider what I do a form of art, and I’m okay with that.

Scott Rouche, however, is a Picasso with the written word. The view he offers may be slightly skewed occasionally from what you consider reality, but heck if it isn’t beautiful.

It was once said of his Ginnie Dare character that she is for “girls who want a strong, relatable, likable heroine who can have adventures without needing to be rescued by the men around her”. You can see that review at:

That excellent writing is why I’m supporting him and his work at: (consider this your invitation to follow suite).

Now, if you like my writings, podcasts or generally odd offerings. you can support your friendly neighborhood Colonel at

I use the CrowdRising platform to raise funds to support my writing and podcasting endeavors. What I appreciate the most about it is how it can also benefit those who are supporting my work.

If you are interested in supporting me, or are an artist in your own right in search of patrons, I suggest taking a look at to see how you, too, can raise funds for your projects.

Oh, and when you send Scott a few bucks, be sure and tell him the Colonel sent you.

He and I would both appreciate it!

Colonel Jack


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