My Story Rebooted

For you guys that know me, it will come as no surprise that I love to write and perform, and I’ve done both for quite a while. 

The challenge I have run into time and again is “REAL LIFE” has this funny habit of getting in the way. When I should be writing, I often find myself stuck at one of my jobs (trying to pay the bills) rather than doing what I was MADE to do- write and perform. 

You may know that one way I attempted to solve a portion of my dilemma was by going to work for Chattanooga Ghost Tours, which I absolutely adore.  I get to give a history of the hauntings of my home town, and even conduct ghost hunts at Citizens Cemetery for those adults looking for a bit more creepy experience. 

As much as I love this, the “day gig” gets in the way. After working all day, I may not always have the energy level I want to offer during these nightly tours. 

That’s when I decided to look into leveraging my efforts. The only problem was, I had no CLUE how to do it. I had offered my writing work online for free for years, but my attempts at monetizing were utter failures.  I just didn’t have the needed expertise to make it work. 

What I learned, however, is that when you are hungry and looking, opportunity tends to have a way of presenting itself. 
For me, the opportunity showed up in the form of my incredible optimistic Facebook friend. 

I kept seeing motivational quotes, “family time” pics, and even vacation videos from the beach- WAY TOO OFTEN. Who can afford to spend so much TIME with their family?!

Finally the curiosity was too much, so I reached out and asked the question, “What are you doing differently?  Can you teach me, Obi Wan?”

Just for the record, I was closer than I suspected. As it turns out, my buddy is a Jedi Master of online marketing. With the secrets I am now learning, I will soon be frustrating those who are watching me succeed. The cool part is, I’m not doing anything different than I ever have, except that I’m now doing it “with intention”.

I am learning that life doesn’t happen TO US, it happens FOR US. 

Life has gone from being a series of frustrating events, to a series of adventures I get to share with those I love. 

This Patawan Learner is having the time of his life! 


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